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Shanghai Huaming Power Equipment be selected for “SME Board Top 50 Valuable Listed Company”

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Securities Time office and New Fortune office was hold an award ceremony in Yangzhou - The 10th Cross-border Investment and M&A Forum, 2016 “China Valuable Listed Company Selecting” award ceremony. This ceremony is undertaken by China List Company Development Union on August 20th 2016.

Shanghai Huaming Power Equipment Co., Ltd (Stock Number: 002270) be selected for “SME Board Top 50 Valuable Listed Company”. This activity was hold for 10 years, it is most authoritative, with strongest influence power, and one of most valued selecting activity by list companies, and it approved by most of capital market. This selecting activity last for 3 months, the strong syndicate is comprise by 30 securities traders and fund companies. It base on the overall performance of list companies, how much wealth that they create for shareholders in 2015 and previous years. Only the companies with best financial performance, highest management level, best management team, and altitudinal strategy and brand awareness can be selected. Top company will be selected and approved by Stock exchange.

This award means Shanghai Huaming’s value approved by market on the side of redound upon Shareholders, profitability, financial security, internal management, sustainable development capacity, efficiency of operation, and market value management.

The first half of the year 2016, the operating revenue of Shanghai Huaming is 468 million, increase by 78.86%, net profit is 92.9 million, increase by 9.88%. Face the difficulties of downtrend of economy situation and pressure of industrial development, Shanghai Huaming actively develop new markets, deeply pursue delicacy management, and sustain reformation of internal management; Shanghai Huaming had a reversal growth which achieved remarkable success through those changes.

The price-winner means standardized management and continuous profitable of Shanghai Huaming is approved by market.

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