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Patent introduced

Patent introduced

Innovation is the fountain of power steering Huaming to advance. Every launch of new product has been a milestone for Huaming.Huaming has always focused on training and introduction of talent and attracted also many industry experts working here. Huaming has been authorized many national patents as well as science & technology awards since it developed its original creation technologies and new products by the powerful technology capability. With the extensive use of advanced software of UG and CAD, the development period of new product has firstly been shortened; rationality and scientificity of product structure have also been ensured. With the ownership of whole series of products and advanced technologies, we are able to plan the preferred solution for any application field. Up to December 2010, 115 Huaming’s patents related to tap changer, disconnector and circuit breaker was awarded by the Patent Reexamination Board of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China


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