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After-sales services

I. SHANDONG FIN CNC MACHINE CO.,LTD. assists customers to arrange the transportation of the machines. When customers pick up the products by themselves, FIN loads the products free of charge. After the machine is transported to customer’s site, FIN takes charge of Installation and Commissioning of the machine, trains the operator and maintenance man free of charge, and gives the supervising at customer’s site for 1 week until the operators master the operating skills thoroughly.

II. Once receiving the customer’s complains of the problems caused by the quality of the sold products, we will be bound for the customer’s site for maintenance within 24 hours (within the distance not more than 500 km).
1. Maintaining or replacing the broken spare parts and accessories within one year’s guarantee period free of charge.
2. Only charging for the maintenance cost after the Warranty period.

III. Owing to the user's special requirements and technical amendment which should cause the alteration of PLC or computer program, FIN will alter PLC or computer program, generally we do not charge for the cost of software.

IV. Owing to the improper operation, the works and fittings are broken, or the machine has been used for many years and needs replacing the spare parts and accessories, or needs maintaining, FIN will also provide good services for customers so as to make the machines running continuously.

V. In regard to larger-sized machines and production line, FIN will provide the customers with testing materials when they take inspection and commissioning of the machine before picking up the products. Furthermore, FIN can make a trial processing to determine the precision of processed work piece to meet the customers’ need before the delivery of the machine.

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