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CM2 Vacuum OLTC of Retrofit Purpose Successfully Launched by Huaming

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Twenty-first century is the era of vacuum and electronic technology. OLTC technology is also facing a revolution. With the ever growing intensive market competition, these key technologies are also driven into a brand new level. Vacuum OLTC has already been respectively launched by the key market players. 

      Under the leading of its founder, Mr. Xiao Riming,Shanghai Huaming Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has devoted to technology innovation and launched several new types of vacuum OLTC. Recently VCM vacuum OLTC is also successfully developed. It was designed upon the request of some domestic customers in the power grids and took more than two years to initiate, detail and finalize on design. The product has passed over 1.5 million mechanical operations and over 600,000 electrical operations test. The vacuum diverter switch of VCM has superior advantage for on-site retrofit projects. Without replacing the whole OLTC, the end users can upgrade it from oil-switching OLTC to vacuum-switching OLTC simply by replacing the diverter switch alone. 

Its main advantages include: 
1. Much lower cost, compared with replacing the whole OLTC unit. 
2. With the same dimension as of the existing diverter switch, the retrofit can be done very easily 
3. The electrical life is significantly extended. 
4. By vacuum arc extinguishing, the oil will not be carbonized or contaminated, and the total life of the diverter 
    switch is thus increased. 
5. Vacuum switching extends maintenance intervals, minimizes work load and effectively reduces operation cost. 

      This technology is especially suitable for power grids like China, which has a vast number of conventional oil switching OLTCs. It is destined to promote a full vacuum OLTC technology era.