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24th, Nov. 2014, FIN’s 2014 annual new machine show has officially opened. This show invited major customers from domestic and international, as well as heads of government, industrial professional andmedia journalists, over 200 people in total.

FIN demonstrated newly developed CNC High Speed Drilling Machine for Super-Critical Header Tubes Model TD1024/3, CNC High Speed Drilling Machine for Large Angles Model ADM3635, WeldingRobot Workstationfor Steel Tower Feet Model TRW120, and High Speed Circular Sawing Machine for Angles Model CS2532. Among these newly developed machines, CNC High Speed Drilling Machine for Super-Critical Header Tubes Model TD1024/3 is the heavy machine in this show, mainly uses in the boiler industry, for drilling holes on boiler header tubes, one time finish the through holes and basin holes, realized the automation, dramatically increased holes position precision, degree of hole finish and processing efficiency.

We demonstrate the drilling process of Seven times of the diameter on plates, drilling on stainless plates, drilling of 120mm diameter holes which cause the high attention from our customers.

Since 2014, we adjust and upgrade our products range to focus on four main products – machines for steel tower, machines for construction steel, machines for steel plates and machines for automobile. FIN also develop new machine in above industries to adapt to the new market situation. This event show our customers our latest innovation and hope FIN can provide more advanced machine along with better service.


CNC Three Spindle High-speed Drilling Machine for Supercritical Header Model TD1024              The Tower Foot Welding Robot Working Station for Steel Towers Model TRW120


                 High-speed Disc Saw for Angles Model CS2532                                                                 CNC High-speed Drilling Lines for Angles Model ADM3635


                 CNC High-speed Turret Drilling Machine Model S25                                     CNC Three Spindle Horizontal Type Drilling Machine for Boiler Barrel Model HD1715A3.


                  Drill processing technology of stainless steel.                                                        7 times the diameter of the unthreaded holes processing technology

                   Above 90mm dia. large holes processing technology.